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Soulful self-empowerment coaching to help you re-claim the energy, clarity, and focus you need to create the vibrant life you crave.

There’s a better way to get more out of life.

You’re a hard-working, glass-half-full person who loves to say “Yes!” to what life has to offer. Go, you!

Thing is…your schedule gets so full that you can’t even enjoy what’s on it. Often, your weekly to-do list makes you a big help to everyone else, but with zero time or energy left for you.

You really do want to be there for others! Yet, if at the end of most days, you’re left feeling exhausted about it all, and about being you, something’s off in a way you don’t want to ignore.

You still want to become the you who knows how to live your own big juicy best life, but you wonder if that is even possible. Here’s what I want you to know…

You were born to Love Being You, and it’s not too late.

When you’ve been putting everyone else first for so long, it’s easy to draw a blank when it comes to knowing what you want most for yourself or how to get it. No shame! I’m here to help you move your own dreams and goals to the front burner.

Maybe you do want more out of life.

Maybe what you really want is less of the same, and more of…yourself.

A session with Heidi is like a deep tissue massage for the soul. I wake up the next day refreshed and with all the kinks worked out. Morgan Field

CEO (Chief Epic Sexy Life Officer), Award-winning Intuitive Life Coach, #1 Best-selling Author, Epic Sexy You -

Hi, I’m Heidi.

I help smart, hard-working people with exhaustingly-full lifestyles learn to turn down the volume on the daily noise and listen more deeply to their own true desires and inner wisdom.

My clients are such generous, purpose-driven pillars for the people around them, at home and at work. They have a positive, can-do outlook on things, and often a great sense of humor to boot. They feel genuinely grateful for the blessings in their lives, and they somehow manage to get things done, despite a very full plate of responsibilities competing for their time. 

And, as it turns out, they also find themselves increasingly disenchanted with the rat race. They’re tired of it, and tired of being tired. They know they want more out of life, but they don’t want more of “the same.” They’re awakening…to a growing desire to live a more intentional, soulful, joy-filled life. 

If you’re like my clients, you want to be living as the fullest expression of you here in this lifetime. You want to feel alive and vibrant, productive and accomplished, and you want to have a LOT of fun being you. You want to experience real health, prosperity, freedom, joy, and beauty…uniquely as only you can.

I want you to know that you don’t have to keep going through the motions, racing from one deadline to the next, only to end up exhausted or resentful but never really moving ahead on what’s important to you.

You can learn to courageously claim time and space for you without creating complete chaos in your current life. You can create the vibrant, self-empowered, deeply aligned life you love. My clients do it, and so can you.

Oh, and so did I! As for my own mid-life transformation…

In 2010, I left a stable, reliable career of 14 years in information systems, the mom of a toddler and on my own journey of healing TMJ dysfunction and persistent heavy fatigue. First, I worked as a freelance professional organizer, and loved helping people de-clutter and transform their lives while my own vibrance re-emerged. By the end of 2012, I was getting so many nudges from my clients (and the universe) to expand my work beyond the realm of organizing that I couldn’t ignore the call. So I took a leap, following my heart, and completed training to become a Certified Professional Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Now I have the honor and joy of guiding my amazing clients through their own unique awakenings and transformations into their own best lives.


Ways you can partner with me to create your life of self-empowered freedom, vibrance, and flow.

Your Vibrant Life Jumpstart

A deep-dive jumpstart coaching engagement designed to re-new and re-focus your excitement about who you truly are, what lights you up, and what you want to experience next in your life. 

Transformational Coaching

Perfect for people who know they want to step into their own “I Love Being Me!” life, and are ready to commit to a minimum of 4 consecutive months of one-on-one coaching with me (with the option to continue after the initial 4-month engagement).  My transformational coaching practice is primarily filled by referral or invitation, but I do sometimes open up spaces for highly-motivated people who are new to me and a fantastic fit. 

Soul Session(s)

A 90-minute deep-dive conversation to help you re-connect with your own amazing soulfulness. Soul Sessions are great when you want to tap in to your inner wisdom on a specific issue, or are just feeling stuck in your head and want to listen to your heart’s perspective. These sessions include recommendations (customized for you) of specific ways that you can recognize and enjoy your unique soulfulness in your everyday life.

    Heidi is an empathic listener. She makes it easy to have difficult conversations. But her real gift as a coach is revealed in the moment she shifts from listening to leadership. That’s when she creates the invaluable connection, or asks just the right question, or shares the piercing insight that makes all the difference.
Peter Morville

Information Architect, Author, Speaker, Semantic Studios -


Curious about the possibility of working with me? I can’t wait to hear from you! Please contact me via phone or e-mail to schedule a free 20-minute consultation.

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