for your best mid-life pivots

Hey, your courageous, vibrant life is calling.


Yeah, it wants you to know you’re not too late.

And that your current discomfort, fatigue and self-doubt are not signs of failure.

They’re signals. Like divine nudges, to you from your best future self.

As a coach, I help people learn to use their mid-life challenges as launchpads to growth, success, and greater joy.

It can feel pretty unsettling when you start to realize that you’re a full-on grown-up and somehow feeling increasingly lost in the shuffle…of your own life.

Your already well-established, responsible life. The one you’ve invested so much of your time, energy, and focus to put in place. (And that also has a lot of good in it, by the way.)

Here’s what I believe…

Mid-life pivots are not for the faint of heart.

But that’s okay, because you are not the faint of heart.

I'm here to help you renew your own dreams & goals.

Your best future probably does look different from your familiar past.

In your current life (and work), you’ve become very effective at helping the people around you get what they need and want most.

You’re the go-to person for a lot of people, for good reason.

Thing is…if you’re not paying attention, putting others first can take on a life of its own.

Before you know it, helping everyone else first becomes your default mode of operating. Almost like an accidental lifestyle.

When you consistently help everyone else first, over time you begin to feel drained, less focused, less clear, confused, cranky, resentful, and even exhausted.

You may even feel like you’ve forgotten what you truly want most for your own life, let alone how to make that happen.

You truly do want to live a life of purpose, impact, love, service, and joy. But the way you’re living and working now isn’t adding up to that.

Deep inside, you already know that just working harder or doing more of what you’ve been doing isn’t going to get you there, either.

So…what if the “you” that the world needs most is the one where you genuinely love being you?


Where you love, honor, nurture and support yourself deeply, and first, and then create your greatest impact from there?


Let's get started on your life of greatest joy & deepest impact.

Clients’ Successes

I am creating a life and career that is in alignment with what I truly want, in a new city I love, because of the work Heidi guided me through.

I also have deeper clarity now around not just my aspirations, but my truly authentic “why” behind them.

Heidi is a powerful and masterful coach, and I passionately recommend her to anyone who is seeking guidance to bring true clarity, alignment, and happiness into their life.

Matt Holden

Sales Manager, Coach, The Foundry, Chicago

I found the confidence to get a job that I love!

Heidi helped me identify and transform old thoughts and beliefs that were just getting in the way. She helped me get clear about my goals, desires, and how I really want to feel.

Coaching helped me to relieve stress and stay focused on my strengths. I’m reconnected with my natural confidence and my ability to trust myself and enjoy living my life with freedom instead of fear.

Heidi is an amazing and compassionate coach and I highly recommend her!


VP of Business Services, Banking

A session with Heidi is like a deep tissue massage for the soul.

I wake up the next day refreshed and with all the kinks worked out.

Morgan Field

CEO (Chief Epic Sexy Life Officer), Award-winning Intuitive Life Coach, #1 Best-selling Author, Epic Sexy You

Hi, I’m Heidi.

I love helping people learn to turn down the volume on the “shoulds” in their heads and listen more deeply to their own true desires and inner wisdom.

If you’re like my clients, you want to be living as the fullest expression of you here in this lifetime. You want to feel alive and vibrant, living in deep contribution, and you want to truly love being you.

I want you to know that you don’t have to keep racing from one deadline to the next, only to end up exhausted (or even resentful) and never quite moving ahead on your own dreams.

You can create the vibrant, self-empowered, deeply aligned life you crave. My clients do it every day, and so can you.

My own transformation…


In 2010, I left a stable, reliable career of 14 years in info systems. I was a mom to a toddler and on my own journey of healing TMJ dysfunction and heavy fatigue.

First, I worked as a professional organizer, and loved helping people de-clutter and transform their lives while my own vibrance re-emerged.

Before long, though, I was getting so many nudges from my organizing clients (and the universe) to shift my focus fully to life coaching that I couldn’t ignore the call. So I took a leap, following my heart, and completed training to become a Certified Professional Coach.

Today, I guide my clients through their own mid-life awakenings and into their most fulfilling lives.

Work Together

I offer two ways to partner with me in your growth, via private one-on-one coaching.

90-Minute Breakthrough Session

A single 90-minute coaching session, designed for when you want or need to get clarity on 1-3 topics of your choice.

Designed to help you:

  • Get deeper clarity about a challenge you’re facing.
  • Shift out of your head and into your heart for soulful perspective.
  • Identify the new outcomes you most want to create for yourself and WHY.
  • Identify the strategies and solutions that feel most deeply aligned with your inner wisdom and the whole picture.
  • Choose, commit to, and plan your first best steps that will lead to the outcomes you want most.

For those seeking one or all of the following:

  • plan for how to get more time and space for yourself
  • A sounding board for new ways to approach a current challenge or goal
  • Healthy, effective boundaries to support your best relationships
  • self-care practice that works for you
  • Renewed personal energy
  • Better stress management
  • Getting unstuck and clear about a better path


Private Coaching

This is a 3-month deep-dive coaching partnership, designed to re-connect you with the best within you so that you can create the outcomes you want most for your life.

Designed to help you:  

  • Get clear about your vision for what you want most, who you want to become, and why.
  • Learn to recognize and shift any self-judgement getting in the way of your best life
  • Deepen your unique experience of everyday soulfulness.
  • Design an intentional, self-empowered lifestyle.

For those seeking one or all of the following:

  • A mid-life pivot that fits who you want to become
  • Vibrant health & renewed personal energy
  • Your own best self-love/self-care practices
  • Mindset shifts that help you achieve your financial/money goals
  • Improved productivity & focus in your work and life
  • A stronger connection with your best inner wisdom, guidance, and intuition

Available as an initial commitment of 3 months of coaching with the option to continue as desired after that.


Clients’ Successes

Heidi helped me discover opportunities where I only saw problems, and to let go of the thoughts and habits that were keeping me from living the way I wanted to. 

I learned how to reframe my thinking to allow me to appreciate my world in a new way and to accept and love myself and the people in my life for who we are. I’ve made real changes where I wanted to most.

Heidi is a gifted coach with a beautiful spirit.



Before I started working with Heidi, I felt stuck.

I was so wrapped up in everything that was happening outside of myself (kids, work, husband, house). I had tuned out most of my emotions and ignored signals from my body.

Heidi has a real gift for helping you see what is already on the inside of you.

The time and money I spent working with Heidi are the best investments I think I’ve ever made in myself.


Heidi is an empathic listener. She makes it easy to have difficult conversations.

But her real gift as a coach is revealed at the moment she shifts from listening to leadership.

That’s when she creates an invaluable connection or asks just the right question, or shares the piercing insight that makes all the difference.

Peter Morville

Information Architect, Author, Speaker, Semantic Studios

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